Report: Microsoft to Design its own Smartwatch

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If all this talk of smartwatches by Apple, Samsung and Google wasn’t enough for you, Microsoft is reportedly working on its own design.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has already begun the process of asking suppliers in Asia for components.

Despite this newfound interest in smartwatches, website CultofAndroid does mention that Microsoft launched a tech called SPOT back in 2004. SPOT, or Smart Personal Objects Technology, it gave users the weather, news, stock information and Windows Messenger notifications. The technology was built into Fossil and Tissot watches, and it never quite hit.

Samsung, Google and most notably, Apple, are rumored to be working on their own smartwatches. Nothing is definite, but we’ve heard quite a bit about the watches. As loud as rumors have been, Apple, if anyone, is definitely working on something.


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