Report: Older iPhones Are Still Selling Well

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While this is an interesting report, we have no idea how accurate or how Consumer Intelligence Research Partners got its sales information. That’s not to say it’s wrong, we just want to make it clear that we don’t know how it figured out these numbers.

According to the data presented by CIRP, the iPhone 5 accounted for 53 percent of all iPhones sold worldwide during the quarter. If this estimate is accurate, that means that the rest of the iPhones sold were iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S units. The iPhone 4 is free with a contract, and the iPhone 4S is $99, also with a contract.

Furthermore, the report says that the iPad saw a similar sales pattern with the older iPad 2 making up a 32 percent chunk of iPad sales while the newest, the iPad with Retina Display, made about 36 percent of the sales during the January quarter. The iPad mini accounted for 32 percent of iPad sales.

While it’s hard to say whether these numbers are correct, it’s very possible that people choose some of the older iPhone or iPad models thanks to the lower price. Many may choose an iPhone 4 knowing that it’s free with a contract, rather than pay $199 for the iPhone 5. The case could be the same for the iPad. Some may feel that the $399 iPad 2 is good enough for their needs, and that the Retina Display doesn’t justify the extra $100 cost of the newer iPad. It’s also worth noting that the iPad 2 is a bit thinner and lighter than the Retina iPad, which may be a factor as well.

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