Rumor: Expect Fingerprint Scanner in the iPhone 5S

 iPhone 5 Standing

Here’s another prediction from yet another analyst. Topeka’s Brian White said that he expects Apple to release the iPhone 5S this summer. He also says that he believes the next iPhone will have the same size screen as the current model.

Also mentioned, are rearranged volume and mute buttons, and the fingerprint scanner we’ve heard so much about in recent rumors. If White, and the fingerprint rumors, are correct, the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint scanner will be the major feature that separates it from the iPhone 5.

According to White, the cheaper iPhone will keep the same screen size as the iPhone 5, but will have a curved back casing. It will be slightly thicker than the 5. He also says the price may be a bit higher than initial expectations, and it could run as high as $400.

Most of those were pretty much things we’ve been hearing for months now. The only thing White says that’s contradictory to previous rumors is the curved back.

[via MacRumors]

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