Rumor: iPhone 5S Pre-orders Begin June 20, Handset to Ship in July

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We wouldn’t bet on this one. In fact, if anything, take our post as a word of caution that we highly doubt this is the case. Tim Cook said not to expect new products until later this year. Some websites seem to believe that later implies two month from now — not this fall. According to rumors, pre-orders begin in June with the handset launching in July.

While Apple has been known to pull some surprises in the past, it seems that the Cupertino company has, for the meantime, decided that iOS-related releases come in the fall, and WWDC is about software announcements.

The report says, (surprise) that the new iPhone will ship with iOS 7. We already knew that. Apple updates iOS every year. This information comes from a supposedly leaked document, if you can believe that it’s real.

Reports try to rationalize the rumor by saying that Tim Cook’s use of the words “new products” can be interpreted as new, rather than as an update to an existing product, such as the iPhone. Sorry, don’t buy that explanation.

There is also rumor of a new, lower-cost iPhone designed for emerging smartphone markets. There’s not much information on that aside from the rumors that keep popping up about it having the same screen as the iPhone 5 and a plastic back.

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