T-Mobile Stores Report Slight Boost in Customers Upon iPhone 5 Launch


The iPhone 5 launched on T-Mobile today. It’s not seeing crazy sales, but the phone has already been on the market for some time. Still, there are reports that people are lining up outside the T-Mobile retail locations to pick up the handset.

The iPhone is great news for T-Mobile. Say what you will about the handset, but there is a fanbase, and they bring in sales. According to Electronista, T-Mobile has seen a slow loss of subscribers as all the other national carriers got the iPhone except for it. Perhaps this will bring some of those people back, or bring in new ones who liked T-Mobile, but wanted to wait until the iPhone became available.

On the consumer end, this just gives us more choices. If you want an iPhone, you are no longer limited to a carrier here in the US. To think, just a few years ago, we were limited to AT&T, and no one else. Eventually, Verizon and Sprint joined the iPhone party.

Times change.



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