The Latest Round of iPhone and iPad Rumors


iPhone 5 camera

Apple has three major iOS devices on the way this year: the iPad, the iPad mini and the iPhone. That’s obviously not including the iPod touch, and other iPod devices, but those aren’t necessarily as popular as its main three devices.

There are several rumors circulating about the upcoming devices. That’s usually the case each year as anticipation and hype builds for the upcoming line of Apple products.

Let’s take a look at some of the current rumors.

1) iPad to be announced June 18th

We don’t know if you believe this one or not, but it comes from a case manufacturer. The case is accurate to what we’ve been hearing as far as the look of the iPad 5. It has the thinner bezel and takes some design cues from the iPad mini. At least that’s what this case seems to indicate. As we learned with the iPhone 4S (which everyone expected to be the iPhone 5), cases aren’t always accurate, even when they are available at stores. Still Apple tends to try to keep things somewhat consistent when it comes to the look of its devices. For instance, the iPad mini look somewhat matches that of the iPhone 5, and the iPod touch has a similar look. The full-size iPad is currently the odd one out. It hasn’t changed much since the iPad 2. Perhaps Apple will go for a new look with the iPad 5. It’s about time for a redesign. Link


2) Fake iPhone logic board photos hit the internet

iPhone 5S faked

In a lesson of don’t believe everything you hear, someone out there posted a picture of what was supposedly an iPhone 5 logic board. It turned out to be a fake. This isn’t necessarily an iPhone rumor, but it’s a warning. If you see the above image, you are looking at a fake iPhone part. It’s also a reminder that there are people out there trying to spread false information just for kicks. Link


 3) iPhone 5S will have repositioned side buttons

We’ve heard about the new camera, and the fingerprint scanner. However, some more recent rumors claim that the new iPhone will have rearranged side buttons. We’re not sure how true this is, especially since the rumors point to what would be a worse design. If accurate, rather than two separate volume buttons, Apple will go back to the single button volume rocker, a-la pre-iPhone 4 stuff. The power button is also rumored to be changed. Honestly, this one sounds unlikely, but it’s definitely getting around. We’re more willing to bet on the updated camera. As for the fingerprint scanner? That’s a tossup, but if I had to guess right now, I’d say no. Link


Likelihood of these rumors?

Of all the rumors, the most likely seems to be the iPad coming June 18th. However, The Wall Street Journal did say that the next iPhone is likely to come this summer. We have no idea when it will come, but the Journal is more credible than the majority of sites.

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