This is What the Rumored Low-Cost iPhone ‘Could’ Look Like

iPhone low cost mockup

If rumors are true, Apple plans to release a lower-cost iPhone alongside the iPhone 5S. It’s not clear whether or not this will actually happen, and even if it does, whether this will arrive in the US since it’s typically described as an iPhone for “emerging markets.”

According to what we’ve heard so far, and many reports have emerged, is that the new iPhone will feature the same screen as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. It will have a plastic back rather than aluminum or glass. This is to make it more budget-friendly as plastic iPhones would be much more cost effective to manufacture than those other materials.

It’s not known at this point whether Apple will make several colors, or just a black and a white model as it does with current and past iPhones. Regardless, someone has put together some great-looking renders that act as mock-ups for what that iPhone could look like if real.

It looks a bit more toyish and inviting than the current iPhone, kind of like an iPod touch.

[via 9to5Mac]

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