This Man Has iOS-Controlled Prosthetic Hands

prosthetic hand

Jason Koger lost both of his hands after an accident with a downed power line back in 2008. To say things haven’t been the same since is probably a huge understatement. He’s tried a variety of prosthetic arms.

It’s been tough for him to find something that works, he likened it to carrying a toolbox with one tool, telling CNN, “You can’t use a wrench for everything.”

Koger is now the first double-amputee to try out the i-limb ultra revolution. It has a rotating thumb, according to the report. It also allows Koger 24 Quick-Grip patterns.

He seems much happier with these hands, and he says that he can do “pretty much everything” that he could do before, but it just takes him “a little longer.”

It’s very cool that he’s been able to get back some of what his hands used to give him. Sure, it may not be exactly what his hands once did, but it’s a step forward.

[via TUAW]

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