Today’s Crazy Rumor: Apple Looking to Replace Tim Cook

Tim Cook_Closeup

We thought Digitimes was bad, but according to a Forbes write-up, Apple could be looking to replace Tim Cook.

That’s a bit hard to believe. Tim Cook has been doing a good job at Apple, and despite what people say, they will never see another Steve Jobs. It’s time for them to realize that.

According to the report, Apple is looking for a replacement out of fear that Cook will turn Apple into another HP. The story then gives itself an out by noting that there is no evidence of this being true, as website CultofMac notes.

Personally, it feels as if Tim Cook has a lot of haters simply because he’s not Steve Jobs. Rather than accept that there is a new person in charge, they’d rather lament the fact that Steve Jobs is no longer with us. One thing I always said is that Steve Jobs was an incredibly smart person who surrounded himself with other incredibly smart people. He knew that one day he would no longer be able to return to Apple. He knew, and worked with Tim Cook for several years, and made sure that the right people were there for the job.

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