Twitter’s #music App. It’s Music Discovery, But Still Not The Music I Want

twitter music app

We tested out Twitter’s #music service. It’s a cool application that lets you see what artists your friends are following or do a search to see what other people are following. You can also search for music that’s popular, or music that’s emerging.

While I did find a few cool artists by looking around, I never found anything that stood out as something I’d probably listen to for my enjoyment. That’s not to say that there aren’t talented artists out there, I just didn’t find a lot of stuff I’d listen to if given the choice. Of course that’s just me, and there were a few artists that I found pretty cool. For instance, I found a band called Metric that I’d never heard of before, and I will probably check out more of their stuff when I get the chance. I just found it entertaining and I liked the singer’s style.

That said, I didn’t find a lot of the kinds of artists I’d normally listen to. Maybe that’s a good thing if I want to expand my musical horizons, but I would definitely like it if it found more things that I may like based on my searches. For instance, even though it’s a very different concept, I like the idea that services like Pandora stream music based on what you like. If you choose to listen to KMFDM, Pandora shoots you a stream of music that other people who like KMFDM tend to like. This not only helps you discover new artists, but it keeps you interested, because you are listening to the kind of music you like.

If you don’t have a Spotify premium account, you will only be able to listen to previews. Rdio works, but it’s only going to be previews anyway. Still, the previews are nice if you just want to skim through and see what you may or may not like.

Overall, the app and service are pretty cool. You will find things you like, and you will find more things you don’t like. Still, that’s the cool thing about discovery. Hopefully one day there will be a better way to search for the types of artists I enjoy listening to, but for now, it’s a good start. Most users will be able to find lots of new things they didn’t know existed before.


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