Undercover Police Bust Buyers of Stolen iPhones

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In what is sure to be a controversial operation, undercover police are busting potential buyers of stolen iPhones.

The process just screams of all kinds of entrapment. An undercover officer walks around with a backpack trying to sell iPhones. He says they are stolen, and offers them for $100. Of course at that point you have to be a bit suspicious. Keep in mind that these people are not suspected thieves or criminals. The police officer is basically fishing for the first person to say, “yes” and offer money.

The officer has two others in civilian clothing armed with guns should anything go awry, and two others in an unmarked car ready to make an arrest when the signal is given.

The idea is to arrest potential buyers of stolen iPhones who plan to sell it later at a marked up price. Many of these buyers sell it in overseas markets.

Unfortunately, as some defense attorneys say, this “is basically creating crime or luring people to commit crimes.” Sure, the people are knowingly buying “stolen” iPhones, but that may not mean they are bad people. It just means they’re cheap, and willing to buy a stolen iPhone.

[Via Huffington Post]

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