Unofficial Chinese App Store Offers Pirated Apps

unnofficial pirate app store

A group of Chinese hackers recently launched an app store that offers pirated iOS apps. Users don’t need to jailbreak their iPhones in order to use it.

According to website TUAW, it only works in China. If users somewhere else try to navigate to the store, they are redirected to another site run by those same hackers.


It’s interesting that they were able to get this working the way they did, but it’s unfortunate for app developers as it cuts into their earnings, many of which are likely small to begin with. Furthermore, China is notably one of the biggest customers for iOS apps, because it’s such a large region and iOS adoption has grown considerably over the past few years.

Because of the nature of the store, we will follow the example of other sites reporting on it, and won’t link to it or reveal the name. In the end, such piracy can hurt the development of future apps as developers not making money have less incentive to continue making them, but that’s another lengthy argument we don’t get into today.

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