What to Expect From Apple At WWDC 2013


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference happens June 10-14 in San Francisco. Tickets sold out in about two minutes. In the past, Apple has used WWDC to announce new iPhone hardware and new Mac and iOS software. That changed about two years ago when WWDC became strictly software-based.

What do we expect from WWDC 2013? Let’s take a look.

1) iOS 7 preview

WWDC is about developers. Expect to see a preview of iOS 7. Of course, you shouldn’t expect any information that gives away possible iPhone 5S features. Apple will keep those hush-hush. We will learn about what iOS 7 has to offer otherwise. We will also probably get a release window. We’re guessing this fall when Apple goes more into detail about it and releases near the date of its next-generation iPhone. Aside from that, Apple already said in its press release that WWDC will show us the next generation of iOS and OS X.

2) OS X (10.9) Preview

Then there is OS X. Apple is due to release 10.9 sometime this year if it keeps up with its now yearly update schedule. We will see new features, likely some that add further iOS and iCloud integration or continuity between the platforms. Apple may give us a release date or release window for OS X, too. Likely due about a month after WWDC. That’s about in line with the past two summer releases of OS X.

3) MacBook Refresh

Apple sometimes takes time at its WWDC keynote to reveal some new MacBooks. Don’t expect a huge announcement this time. It’s not going to be something huge like the Retina update. Apple will probably just announce some processor upgrades for the current line of MacBooks. We’d have to guess that will include all its laptops: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina display. It’s about time for that. Again, we don’t expect Apple to get too into this.

4) No iPhone 5S

iPhone 5 camera

We don’t expect the iPhone 5S. We don’t think many other folks do, either. I will say we can’t know for sure, and Apple can decide to surprise us. Still, it seems like its current trend is to update iOS devices and iPods just around the fall. It’s likely that the Cupertino company wanted to get the devices ready for stores just in time for the crucial holiday season. Again, we don’t have insider information, or any sources at Apple. This is just an educated guess based on past years.

5) No iPad or iPad mini

The iPad and iPad mini will probably be no-shows as well. Again, Apple has seemingly pushed its iOS hardware refresh schedule to the fall months. That probably won’t change anytime in the immediate future. Though in all seriousness, we kind of hope we’re wrong. A Retina iPad mini would be sweet right now.

All Software?

Apple has made WWDC about software for the past two years. It used last year to announce the Retina MacBook Pro, but there probably aren’t any significant Mac updates in the future. The iMac and Mac Mini already received their updates last fall. It doesn’t seem likely that there are any significant hardware updates for Apple. Aside from a MacBook spec bump we mentioned, we doubt we’ll see much here. Still, iOS has been criticized for falling behind rival platform Android. That’s all a matter of what you like, really, but Apple may be due for some changes to iOS soon. It’s also worth remembering that the new version of iOS may have a bit of influence by Apple design guy Jony Ive.


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