Yahoo! Releases New Mail and Weather Apps

 Yahoo Weather

Yahoo! recently released its Mail app for tablets as well as a new Weather App. There’s actually some nice stuff there.

The Yahoo! Mail App is very well thought out. Lately, it’s felt as if Yahoo! is fairly behind the game, but this app has features for Yahoo! Mail users that can truly come in handy. Have a look at the app here:


But the truly standout app, and the one I am keeping on my iPhone is Yahoo! Weather. It’s a very cool application that cleverly uses Flickr integration to make for beautiful backgrounds when you check the weather in an area. The photos are taken by Flickr users in the area, and give you a cool impression of what the place looks like. I have one set up for my hometown, and it’s kind of nice to see the weather there even though I’m not living there anymore. Especially when there is a picture to accompany it. Cures the occasional bout of homesickness.

Still, the weather app from Yahoo! is much more elaborate than Apple’s stock app. I usually don’t download apps that do what stock apps do anyway. I just don’t want two of the same-ish thing. However, this is a very different application from what Apple offers.

While it has the regular forecast and current temperatures, it also offers other details such as visibility and humidity levels. It also tells you what the weather feels like thanks to those conditions. There is a map that shows you some of the surrounding conditions as well.

You can also check the windspeeds and the pressure (barometric pressure?). Not too sure how the pressure affects me, but the wind speeds are nice to know.

Overall, it’s a cool app. It will replace the Apple weather app on my iPhone, which is fairly basic and I only used on occasion anyway.

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