14-year-Old Finds that SmartCover Magnets Can Shut Off Pacemakers

Smart Cover

A 14-year-old girl found that the SmartCover on iPads can shut off pacemakers due to its magnets. It was part of a school science fair project.

Magnets can affect pacemakers, which is apparently a very known fact to the commenters on some of the websites (luckily, I’ve never had to worry about that sort of thing) Regardless, it’s something that probably hasn’t been brought to the attention of many because: A) Someone buying an iPad and a cover may not even consider the fact that it has magnets in it when using it B) The iPad and SmartCover are very popular, and millions of people out there own them. Common knowledge or not, it’s something that can affect someone…you know, like majorly.

As the girl says, “If a person falls asleep with the iPad 2 on the chest,” the magnets can turn the pacemaker off. It’s probably not uncommon for someone reclining on their chair to lie back and rest the iPad on their chest. If anything, raising awareness is important enough. It can save a life.

[via MacRumors]


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