Accessory Spotter: Interesting iPhone Accessories of the Week



Our friends at (Accessory Spotter) are always on the lookout for new accessories. They check out accessories like cases, attachments and Bluetooth headsets. It’s always cool to see what new things are available. You can check out some of the interesting items below.

iPhone SLR Camera Mount:


Add a real camera lens to your iPhone with this case. It works with professional lenses like Nikon and Canon: Link


Coco Retro Handset

Feeling nostalgic? Just plug a retro handset into your iPhone and remember the good ol’ days of corded phones. Only this time you still have to worry about battery life: Link


Gold-plated, Diamond-encrusted iPhone

If carrying $850 worth of iPhone in your pocket isn’t good enough, here’s a gold iPhone worth $106,000. Make sure you turn on “Find My iPhone.”: Link


PyleHome Bluetooth Receiver

This is a nice alternative to a 30-pin Apple adapter. Because it’s Bluetooth-compatible, you can use any device that supports the standard: Link

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