Adding Missing Album Art to iTunes


Album artwork can be a nice addition to the music in your iTunes account.  It can make it easier to choose albums and can transfer in to your iPhone or iPod Touch so it appears during the audio playback.  Often times when using peer-to-peer sharing software, or even when capturing audio from CDs, you can miss the album artwork that is appropriate.  There is a built in method for adding the artwork that is missing to your iTunes library.

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Begin by going into your iTunes Library, under the Music list, and locate an album that is missing the artwork.  This is usually indicated by the fact that a gray music note has replaced the square shaped image to the left of the album.  Select all of the songs in the album and right click them.  Select Get Album Art, which is right above Clear Downloaded Art.

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A pop up window will pop up telling you that the information about the songs you have selected that are missing their associated artwork to Apple.  You will have to confirm the sending of information to Apple by hitting the Get Album Artwork button.  It also indicates that Apple will not save information about your music library, which should calm the fears of those using file-sharing technology to get their music.

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A process then begin quickly in iTunes where a progress bar appears in the upper track display, and once the album is found the icon is replaced with the appropriate album artwork.  This will happen very quickly and you can select multiple albums at once, which means you can augment your entire library quickly.

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This will not, however, happen if the album information is not saved in iTunes.  This will affect smaller artists or those not registered in regular commercial systems.  This is also true for many types of compilation albums or CDs that are no longer available.  If this is the case then you will get a warning window indicating that art you have requested cannot be found.

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