Adding Relationships With Siri


Many people consider Siri simply a voice command system that you can use to issue specific tasks.

This is actually a primitive view of what Siri can do, often based on the voice command system that predated it in older versions of the iOS.  Instead, you can often look at Siri as a simplified voice computer that you can essentially negotiate with to get things done.  For example, you can begin to alter saved information with Siri without even having to resort to regular menu interaction.  This includes altering the information in Contacts, which seems like something you would have to work with in a detailed and traditional way.

The reason you can do this is that Siri can recognize the relationship that is listed in the Contact.  This means that saying something like “Call my wife” is entirely possible and can make using Siri much more practical for quick commands.  It is important then to be able to alter the relationships listed in the Contacts using Siri itself.


To do this you have to again walk away from the use of Siri as a command prompt and instead talk to it more openly.  Hold the Home button to activate Siri and prepare to give it some information.  Prepare a phrase like “Cindy Smith is my wife” or “Mom is my Mother.”  Siri will then ask you if you would like it to remember that a particular Contact has a particular relationship.  Hit the Yes button and the command will process, finally telling you that it has added this relationship to your personal profile.


Now when you use Siri to call or text someone of a particular relationship you will be able to call that person by that relationship rather than by name.  This is great if you are more prone to saying, “call my wife” to “call Cindy Smith” when you are on the go.

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