Amateur Photography: 10 Panoramic Blunders That Went Horribly Wrong…or Right?



Panoramas don’t work like most shots. You prep the camera for a panorama and then you slowly pan your camera to capture a wide shot. It’s something the iPhone is capable of, but not everyone uses properly. It takes some getting used to if you want to get it right. However, because it takes a photo over the course of several seconds rather than just a quick snapshot, it can capture some weird effects. Sometimes images are doubled, or something walking along with the camera can be captured multiple times, creating strange effects. Panoramic shots are basically a series of photos snapped together (usually, you hope it’s seamless, but things happen.)

Here are some of the panoramas that went wrong.


Stretch Girl



Half a dog


Apparently, this is what happens when you’re taking a panorama and your dog runs into the shot. Link




Panoramic girlfriend


Looks like a keeper. In all seriousness, she is a keeper if she stuck around knowing he posted this thing. Link



This must have been just perfectly-timed for that cat. By the looks of it, it walked across the floor as the shot was taken, resulting in this. Link


Are you staring at my extra hand?


This one is so perfect that it almost looks ‘shopped. Link


WTF is that thing?!


Is that a horse? A water buffalo? No, actually it’s some dude who just walked by at the right time. Link


Floating Hand

floating hand

Sorry. It’s policy. Try to steal a soda, we cut your thieving hand off and put it on the bin as an example. Link


Tough guy

popeye arm

You’re supposed to work both arms equally, man. Link



Long Dog

Long dog

Here’s an extra-long puppy. Link


Creepy arm


This picture is almost creepy. It looks like something out of a bad dream or a horror movie. Link


 Taking a panorama can be fun

It can be fun to take a panorama. It captures a wide angle. It looks nice on the Vegas strip from my experience. However, you can really do fun things with it, like have a friend run around behind you and show up in two spots on the photo — things like that. It’s cool to experiment.

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