Another iOS 7 Concept: This Time It’s A Little More Grounded in iOS 6


Apple’s iOS 7 reveal is less than a month away. Hopefully, we will know what it looks like by WWDC 13. By then, we will probably also have a release date or release window for the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

This latest concept for iOS 7 is based a bit more on the iOS we have all come to know. It doesn’t change the icons or menus drastically. It just flattens them out. Instead of shines, bevels and embosses, this goes for a flat look, kind of like the rumors say the update will look.

Most concept videos we’ve seen make it look like a totally new operating system. This one is different. Everything, if done as these pictures show, should be very familiar when it ships. Of course nobody knows for sure what it will look like (unless they work for Apple, of course.)

This may be closer to what the final product looks like than what many may think. Who knows? We will next month.

Here are some other iOS 7 concepts, and a roundup.

[via CultofMac]

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