Apple Continues Crackdown of App Discovery Apps


A while back we learned that Apple is doing away with discovery apps. These are apps designed to help find other apps within the App Store. For instance, one may feature free apps. Another may feature nothing but games, and so on.

These apps, unfortunately, for Apple, occasionally have a better system for narrowing things down than the App Store. At least it seems that way at times.

According to reports, Apple started doing this in April with the rejection of an application called AppGratis. The app makers allowed for developers to pay for notifications to pop up on push notifications. These notifications mentioned the apps to users. Advertising through push notifications, basically.

Website ArsTechnica puts it in simple terms:

AppGratis was rejected because apps that promote products other than the developer’s own are against the rules, as are push notifications used for marketing. … Now more developers are reporting rejections from the App Store because of regulation 2.25, including the Tapjoy network and AppShopper.

This, reports say, is all part of regulation 2.25 in the App Store guidelines. It bans apps that could themselves be mistaken for App Stores.


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