Apple’s Flat, Reworked Design for iOS 7: What is Everyone Expecting?


We recently heard reports that Apple is going for a much flatter look for iOS. Gone will be the bevels, shades, shines and and sense of depth in icons and graphics. This is a Jony Ive thing. Also gone are the skeuomorphic designs (Hopefully, the release of iOS 7 will also mean we can stop having to type “skeuomorphic.”).

Now, we all have to wonder what could be in store for the future of iOS. We probably won’t know until WWDC 2013, but everyone is speculating. Why don’t we take a look at what we expect based on our guesses and some of the information that’s out there?

1) New, flat design

One of the biggest rumors is a flat design. We hear that any signs of depth in the interface will go away. That means the next version of iOS will remove bevels and shades and other features that give the appearance of depth. Some rumors liken it to Window’s Metro interface. It’s a flat, tiled look. We have no idea what it will look like, but we figure that’s more of an approximation, because it’s the closest example anyone who has seen it has when they try to explain it to someone who hasn’t seen it.


2) WWDC 2013 logo may hint at new look

Website CultofMac took a deeper look at the WWDC 2013 logo. One of the things everyone noticed at first is that there is no Apple logo in it. Instead, it’s made up of a bunch of curvy and colorful, translucent squares with rounded edges. The writer figures that it may be a hint at what app icons may be like. Even the text style is different as is the use of roman numerals and a reflection. Credit to them for that analysis.


3) Skeuomorphic designs are gone

If current reports are accurate, we won’t see the skeuomorphic designs that are all over iOS and OS X right now. Scott Forstall is out, and much of the design was his, according to reports. Ive is reportedly not a fan of that look, and aims for a more consistent UI across the entire iPhone. He will probably get rid of the reel-to-reel tape machine in the Podcasts app. We have a feeling Ive is not a fan of that.


Why a new look?

When something becomes familiar, it’s hard to let it go. We are used to how iOS works, and we are used to how it looks. We don’t want to learn it all over again. However, we’re sure Apple knows that. Any adjustment period, we hope, will be minimal if at all existent. Sure, it may be kind of a “Whoa! This looks different!” feeling, but things should make sense. Otherwise, many people will be angry. As it is, some people may, because it’s going to change. Someone will hate it — someone will love it. We’ve learned to just go with the flow. Adjustments are usually small, and aren’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.


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