Are These Real iPhone 5S Components?

iPhone 5S components rumor

More supposed iPhone 5S components are hitting the internet. This time it’s a piece connected to the end of the motherboard.

It’s not entirely clear what it is, but it’s changed a bit from the same component in the iPhone 5. According to reports, it’s likely some part that has something to do with the device’s antennas. It’s just not entirely clear what.

iPhone 5S components 2 rumor

As website NWE says, (via Google translate) the true relevance of such a leak isn’t that it tells us much about the next iPhone, it’s that it gives us  a bit of a better idea of when the handset should go into production, which if components are leaking, should be soon if not already. At times, they can help spot how things will change, but there is a lot to a leak when folks like iFixIt, who know the innards of iOS devices, can take a closer look and figure out the parts.


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