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Our friends at ASpotter are always on the lookout for new accessories. This week you’ll see a Back to the Future-inspired case, a silly iPhone necklace/lanyard thing and a cool DIY project with an iPad SmartCover. Here’s the latest from them.


Sweet Concept: Back to the Future DeLorean Case

DMC-12 case

Back to the Future is one of the greatest trilogies ever made. It’s definitely the best of the 80s. That’s why we love this DeLorean-style iPhone case. It’s made to look like the grille of the iconic time machine from the movies. Check it out here: Link


Coffee-stained iPad SmartCover

coffee smartcover

This isn’t a regular accessory. It’s more of a developer’s DIY project. He wanted an aged look for his leather SmartCase, so he stained it with coffee. It looks pretty cool. Link




This needs to happen. It’s an Indiegogo project, but it’s something that could totally save you heartache later. You attach the button to anything you want. For instance, put it in your wallet or backpack. If you happen to lose it, you can track it down with your iPhone. I’d leave it in my car. Link


Look Like a Tool While Putting Your iPhone Out for Any Thief to Steal for Only $200


Really…really? Really. Link


We wouldn’t want to make ourselves vulnerable with that last one.

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