Blurry, Unconfirmed Photo Hints That Next iPhone May Be iPhone 6 … Seems Legit

iPhone 6 listing

These days, blurry photos that we can’t know the validity of are as good as any confirmation. Here it is. It’s a picture that reportedly comes from a UK operator store. It shows typed text with the words “4G iPhone 6.”

It must be real. Like, 100 percent, guaranteed real. As many of you may know, typing out some phone names and taking a fuzzy shot in which all surrounding names are blurry and out of focus and you can see the words iPhone 6 is not something that’s easy to fake. The effort that goes into typing a name and printing it out is far beyond anything we can imagine any prankster doing.

Even if this isn’t some super-official leak that we weren’t supposed to know about, isn’t it at least a bit more sensible to figure that if it does come from a store, perhaps someone just typed iPhone 6 for the sake of being a placeholder? We know that Apple makes a new iPhone each year. Perhaps someone handling that inventory list or whatever it is could have just placed a name there for the sake of identifying that they expect another iPhone within the next few months.

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