Here’s What Apple CEO Tim Cook Had to Say At D11

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All Things D’s D11 conference opened with an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. During the interview, Cook talked about the future of Apple, and hinted at some future products from the Cupertin0 company. That’s without giving specifics, of course.

While there is plenty to take from the interview, let’s give you the short version and highlight some of the main points made.

1) On an Apple Television

It turns out that Apple is thinking about televisions in some way. It’s not clear how, and the company does have what Cook calls a “grand vision” of how to change the television watching experience. Cook did say that some issues that came with TV have been addressed by the company with its Apple TV set-top box, but there is more the company has to do in the future to truly change how people enjoy television. The company is also learning a lot about the television market through Apple TV.

2) On an iWatch

Tim Cook did talk about wearable technology. He calls it “a very important branch of the tree.” However, he says that no wearable computing device is amazing right now. Even products like Google Glass.  There are some devices, like the Nike FuelBand, which he does use, only serves one purpose. If someone doesn’t wear these things on a regular basis, there is nothing out there good enough to make them compelled to do it with current products. Cook hopes to change that. He feels that current watches don’t offer anything special right now, and to get people to wear something, you need it to be “incredible.” In other words, Apple is going for something game-changing, at least that’s the idea.

3) Apple has sold over 13 million Apple TVs

Apple TV is often seen as that product that never really took off like the company’s other products. However, if Apple keeps it on shelves, it must be selling well enough to justify its existence. Right? The product, which has always been marketed as something of a “hobby” for Apple has sold 13 million. Sales continue to rise, and the fact that as of 2010 it became smaller and dropped to $99 has only helped it become more popular. Add to that the fact that streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus are becoming a regular part of the living room, and Apple TV’s integration with iOS devices, it becomes more evident why sales are up.

4) On iOS

Cook didn’t say much about iOS when asked. However, he did give the “wait and see” response. However, he did say that Jony Ive has been “key” to the new iOS, an noted that there must be  “a blend of hardware, software and services.”


You can read AllThingsD’s live blog of the event, or watch the video here.


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