How to Edit Siri Commands

Siri, your iOS personal assistant, has to interpret the vocal styling of the speaker so that it can initiate a search or another function.

As most users know, Siri is pretty accurate most of the time, but can still make mistakes when trying to interpret what is being said.  Here is a look at how you can easily edit the words that Siri has read so that it can get you results and options that are more accurate to your request.

Once you have made your Siri request it will quickly list what it interprets as your command and then its answer.  If it is confused it will often have a joking answer, but it could also begin to text the wrong person or give you movie times when you are looking for dinner reservations.  Go up to where your command is listed and then tap it.  This will turn it into a typing prompt where you can begin to alter the command message as if you had typed it out originally.

When you hit Done in the lower right hand corner it will re-initiate the Siri command without you having to actually say anything.  Then Siri will go ahead and find a new result with the new command, which has been corrected.  This can be difficult, however, if you attempt on changing multiple results in a row.  This means that if you have already altered the results once, you may just want to go ahead and do another voice command if you get it wrong again.  A brand new voice command is always an option as well since it is easy and quick to do, but there are going to be some words and accents that Siri is always going to have trouble with and it may simply be easiest to go ahead and edit the way it interprets your commands.


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