How to Get iPhone Upgrade Alerts



The Apple Store app is one of the “must have” first-party free iPhone apps that allow you to keep up with the new products available from Apple.

The app is designed to be consistently used and constantly changing, which means that updates are available regularly to evolve to the changing needs of their digital marketplace.  Many people may think that there is no functional use for an app like this, but the app itself will actually let you know when you are available to have an upgrade on your account.  This means when your contract is up and you are able to get another iPhone at the subsidized rate.  That is an incredible option, and one that really does tie directly into Apple’s consumer model, and will allow you to always know when it is time to get the newest iPhone model.  Here is a look at how to set your Apple Store iPhone app to notify you when your account has an upgrade available.


This new feature, which was just made available from Apple, requires that you essentially enter in your iPhone account information.  To start you will need to make sure that you already have the newest version of the Apple Store free app.  The ability to set the app to give notifications to be updated can only be done in the newest version, so you will have to update it in the traditional way if it hasn’t been already.


Once you have done this open up the Apple Store app you will be asked if you want to receive push notifications, which you should say yes to.  This will likely give you promotional offers as push notifications at times, but it will also give you the app update as a push notification.  It will also ask to use your current location, which you should allow.


Go into the More tab, which is to the far right on the lower task bar next to Cart.  Select Notifications, which is at the bottom right below Account.  At the very top will be an On / Off switch for Upgrade Notifications.  When you turn it to On you will be prompted to then enter in specific cellular account information.  Your phone number will already be entered under the banner of your service provider, and then you will need to enter in the last four digits of your social security number and the zip code for your billing address.   Once you enter this information in correctly you will return to the previous Notifications screen, where the Upgrade Notifications switch will be set to On and the phone number attached to the account will be listed below the switch.  You will now receive a notification when your upgrade is available.

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