How To: The Meaning Behind Some of the Bluetooth Icons On Your iPhone



You have an iPhone and you want to pair a Bluetooth device, such as a keyboard or headphones. What does that new icon that pops up mean? Here’s a quick rundown of what the Bluetooth icons all stand for.

1) When you first connect your Bluetooth device, you will see a new icon. It’s a battery indicator for the device you have connected:



Currently, the battery of our Bluetooth device is full. As it drains, you will see that drop, just like your regular battery indicator.


Apple’s support page also offers a few tips on the Bluetooth icon: BT_icon_iPhone


2) Blue  (Bluetooth Icon Blue)or white (white_BT_icon) Bluetooth icon:

This means that Bluetooth is on, and that a device is connected to your iOS device. In the screenshot above, you can see a white Bluetooth icon. This just means that our device is connected and appears to be functioning properly on the iPhone’s end. If things aren’t working here, it may be a problem with the Bluetooth device itself (for instance, a bad speaker or microphone, etc.).


3) Grey (BT_Icon_Grey) Bluetooth icon:

When the Bluetooth icon is grey, this means you have turned Bluetooth on, but no device is connected. If you are sure you have a device nearby, it may mean that the paired device is out of range or off.  If you wander too far from the Bluetooth device, or if you accidentally turn it off. You will get a grey icon. Obviously, the remedy is to go back within range of your device, or turn it on if you notice it’s off. Maybe it’s just a hiccup in the connection and you need to reset the device or something (I had a Bluetooth keyboard that I had to disconnect and reconnect from time-to-time.)


Pretty Simple

That’s all you really need to keep in mind. Everything is pretty straight-forward, and as long as everything is working, all you need to worry about is the battery icon draining. Other than that, you are good.

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