How to Update Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps



App updates are important. They often bring bug and security fixes. However, some folks just never get around to doing it. Maybe they don’t have the time, or maybe they honestly don’t know how. Either way, it’s a simple process. We do wish it could be a bit simpler (for instance, automatic updates, so we never have to think about it).

There are actually two ways to go about this. First is from the iOS device directly, and the other is on your computer.


On your computer:

1) Launch iTunes

2) Select the Apps tab.

App Tab


3) Click Updates: (You may receive a prompt telling you that some material is age-restricted. Certain games and browsers are usually the reason for this.)




4) Click Update All Apps

Update All


From  there, it’s just a matter of syncing your device to your computer.



From iOS:

1) From the Home Screen tap the App Store icon:


2) Tap on Updates in the lower-right corner:

update all


3) Hit Update All in the upper-right

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