How to Use Siri to Get You Through Life’s Hardest Choices, and More



Siri is cool when she does things correctly. She can be funny, witty, charming and anything else, really. Did you know she can even help you play Monopoly, or guide you through life’s tough choices?

Here’s a few little Siri tricks we found.

1) “Roll the dice” or “Roll the die”

Siri will choose two random numbers. Just say “roll the dice” or “roll the die.” (Note that Roll the die still chooses two numbers.)

Roll dice siri


2) “Flip a coin.”

Siri will choose heads or tails randomly. It’s pretty cool.

coin flip Siri


3) “Random number” or “Choose a random number” 

Siri gives you a random number. Yes, we tested it a few times. It does give you a random integer. The result is pulled from WolframAlpha.

random number siri


Other Siri tricks

That’s what we’ve found so far by trying a few things that could lead to simple, random results. We tried a few others, but this is what we have so far. Perhaps someone out there, a reader, will know of some that we didn’t mention. Feel free to leave it in the comments. We’d love to try it out.

Dice rolling and coin flipping via CultofMac

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