Inverting Your iPhone’s Colors


The iPhone’s color display has gone through a few phases and has adapted itself to be appealing in most circumstances, but there may be times when a different color palette may be easier to see.  This is especially true for people that have certain vision impairments, as well as those who are simply looking at it in the dark.  Likewise, the iPhone’s GPS function has evolved quite a bit over different versions of the iOS, and now it is at a place where it can be comfortably used as a vehicular GPS unit during actual travel.  The light colored display is perfect for daytime driving, but at night it can be too bright to decipher.  This is why you may want to invert the colors on your iPhone to make it more appropriate for driving in the dark.  Here is an easy way to invert your iPhone’s colors altogether, which can help with features such as Maps and Spotlight.

To start go into the iPhone’s Settings and then select General, which is at the top of the third block of options directly above Sounds.  Select Accessibility towards the bottom, directly under International and above Reset.  Accessibility is often used for special needs, augmenting the features for people with hearing, vision, or other differences.


At the very bottom of Accessibility you will find Triple-Click, which is a tool that adds what you can do by hitting the Home button.  This way, if you hit the Home button three times it will do a specific function.  Select Inverted Colors, and now when you hit the Home button three times the colors on the iPhone will be inverted.  You can then remove it by simply hitting the Home button three times again.


This is especially useful in Maps where you can see the directions in a more night-reflective format.  It is easier to decipher the maps in the dark and can make it more intuitive when driving at night.  The inverted color scheme is generally useful to make interaction with the iPhone less overwhelming in the dark, especially when navigating settings.

It should be noted that the inverted colors only changes the appearance in the display, but does not alter anything else.  For example, taking a screenshot of something while the colors are inverted will not maintain the inverted colors in the image once the colors are restored.

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