iOS 7 Concepts: FaceTime


Most concepts for iOS 7 try to focus on the OS as a whole. What we like about this one is that the maker took one piece of the operating system and turned it into their vision of what the next version will look like.

This version of FaceTime adds conference calling, which would be a pretty cool addition. The concept also adds screen sharing. There is also Apple TV integration, which would be very cool This would give families a chance to talk to each other in a different way. People can sit on a couch and say hi to the kid who’s off to college.

One of the cooler features that would be awesome to see is a record function. Imagine seeing someone you don’t see often and grabbing a short video of it. Could be very awesome.

Have a look at some of the images below:



FaceTime_Concept_Apple TV


You can see more here.

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