iOS 7: Concepts, Mock-ups and Artistic Ideas for Apple’s Next Mobile Operating System

iOS 7 concept

Apple is set to announce iOS 7 at this year’s WWDC. That’s only a month away. During the event, we will learn about the company’s next round of software. Little is known, other than the rumor that it will be much flatter. That’s because Apple’s Jony Ive, its main design guy, is working on the UI.

With the rumors come lots of mock-ups. Lots and lots of mock-ups. Some are pre-flat iOS rumor, and others came shortly after. Let’s have  a quick look at some of the mock-ups we’ve seen these past few months.

iOS 7 Concept – Aluminum UI and More

This concept goes with a smoother, flatter look. It came along after the announcement that the next version of iOS will feature a flat interface.


Three Concepts by Mohamed Kerroudj

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This guy has some serious imagination when it comes to iOS 7. He’s done three videos.


iOS 7 Concept with New Voice Memos, Compass and more

This concept undergoes some UI changes, and updates to the notification center. It looks quite different, but it’s still not a bad design by any means.


iOS 7 “Full Concept”

Another concept video. This one goes through multiple features of iOS.


The Windows Metro Look


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