iOS 7 Traffic Up in Weeks Leading Up to WWDC


iOS 7 is no doubt on the way. We’ve heard rumors about its new look, and we expect to see it and learn a release day (or month) by WWDC.

According to Onswipe, a company that specializes in converting websites for mobile consumption, has seen a major rise in iOS 7 traffic across a variety of iOS devices in its sites. This isn’t a total surprise as this tends to happen both with iOS and with OS X as we’re sure Apple employees and engineers are testing and optimizing new versions of the company’s operating systems.

Most of that traffic, according to Onswipe comes from Cupertino and San Francisco with most of those visits being out of San Fran.

We should be seeing iOS 7 in about a month. Don’t expect any new iPhones or iPads, but at least we have some software to look forward to in the form of new operating systems.

[via TechCrunch]

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