iPhone 5S and iOS 7: The Latest Round of Rumors and Speculation

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If Apple follows its usual release schedule, the iPhone 5S is due this year. It’s likely that we’ll see it around the fall months. That’s our guess based on the  last two years. Apple has shifted its iOS product cycle to October and November.

Let’s take a look at what’s likely based on recent rumors about the upcoming devices and iOS 7.

1) iPhone 5S could feature a dual-shot mode

This rumor comes from a website called iOSDoc (via KnowYourMobile). We’ve never heard of it, so take this news with a grain of, ugh, I hate clichés–just…be aware that it may not be accurate. It’s possible that the iPhone 5S could take two photos at once like the Galaxy S4. It would use both the front- and rear-facing cameras. This on its own doesn’t sound terribly useful, but it could be cool for dinner dates for catching both sides of the table. That said, the rumor also explains that such a feature could come with a later version of iOS if it doesn’t make the cut upon the release of the handset.


2) iPhone 5S may bring FaceTime in 1080p

The iPhone 5S may feature a 2MP front-facing camera sensor. This would also give you 1080p video. It would make it possible to have a FaceTime chat at that resolution. Of course, anyone who’s used any video chat service knows how often that actually happens. It’s never quite as clear and the connection on one end or the other is always a bit slow. Link


3) Apple in crunch mode to get iOS 7 out in time, because it’s getting a visual overhaul

We heard yesterday that Apple is working on redesigning iOS to the likings of Jony Ive. The unfortunate consequence of such a major overhaul is that already-tight deadlines are even tougher to meet, because this means redesigning several interfaces and the look throughout the entire OS rather than just a few incremental updates. We have no idea what it will look like, but it’s reported that Apple will give everything a flatter look. Also gone, according to rumors is that skeuomorphism that was a major part of many previous iOS apps such as Contacts. Link


4) iPhone pre-orders start June 20 with a July Launch

We’ll be honest. This one is hard to believe. Tim Cook pretty much said that Apple won’t announce or release any new hardware until later this year. It’s most likely he was talking about iOS devices, and a MacBook refresh isn’t really a major announcement unless there is a major change in the hardware. Apple has also been focusing on fall releases for iOS and its accompanying hardware. We don’t think this will change in the immediate future. Link


Anything else to expect?

We really don’t expect much in the way of hardware at WWDC. A MacBook processor bump across the line and some iOS 7 info as well as a good amount of info on the next version of Mac OS seems much more likely.

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