iPhone 5S: New Internals Leaked (Rumor)

iPHone 5S rumored part_1

The iPhone 5S will probably be almost impossible to distinguish from the iPhone 5 without taking a close look.

However, Apple will probably give its insides a nice little update that could win over owners of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. We can expect a faster processor, and possibly an improved camera. There were also extensive rumors of a fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 5S rumored part 2

Website Boy Genius Report obtained some photos of what are said to be iPhone 5S internals, and was able to figure out a few things that we can probably expect from the next unit. For one, the speaker bracket is changing. Who knows that that really means for the end user.

Here’s the key thing: We’re seeing more parts. This means that units are in production, and we may see more parts soon. If anything, it’s a helpful indicator that there is a new iPhone in the works.

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