iPhone 6 Concept Design is Very iPhone 5-ish

The iPhone 5S isn’t even here yet, and people are already wondering about the iPhone 6. That’s probably because if Apple follows its current release pattern, the iPhone 5S comes this year, and will probably look just like the iPhone 5. If that it true, the iPhone 6 should be Apple’s next major change to its popular handset.

The video above shows the iPhone 6. Well, it’s what an artist imagines it will look like. To be honest. It looks just like an iPhone 5, but thinner. It could be argued that the iPhone 5 is just a thinner and taller iPhone 4, but there are changes to the overall design, too.

The cool feature here is the new Home Button. Rather than look like some of the ugly mock-up elongated ones we’ve seen in the past, this one is pretty. IT makes the entire lower plate of the iPhone into a Home Button and allows for touch gestures (though I don’t know how useful those would be).

[Via Giga.de]

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