It’s Just Not a Week of iPhone News Without an iOS 7 Concept Video

We thought things were slowing down for all the iPhone concept videos. We haven’t seen a new one in almost two days. However, this one just popped up on the internet. It’s a bit rounder than we expect iOS 7 to be, but it’s still fun to watch and wonder.

It doesn’t show much, but some of the aspects are neat. The video is rather short, but we may as well add it to the long list of iOS 7 concepts we’ve seen these past few months. We’re seeing more than we usually do, because iPhone users seem to be wondering about the new design.

A simple rumor about the new look exploded into several concepts. That said, we do have to wonder what it looks like. We will know in a few weeks.

There are plenty of concept videos for iOS 7. Have a look:



[via iPhone in Canada]

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