iTunes 11.0.3: What’s New?

iTunes 10-0-3 installed


Apple’s release of iTunes 11.0.3 brings some new features to the popular media player. For being a minor update, it brought some pretty cool.

Here’s some of what’s new.


1) The Songs View allows for you to see album art in song view

Good if you like seeing pretty art. Not good if you don’t have covers for all the albums. I tried to make sure all of mine did, but I’ve downloaded so many demos and projects by non-established artists, that it’s hard to fix that at this point. Oh well.


2) The MiniPlayer is updated. It now shows the cover art and progress bar:

iTunes miniplayer


3) Another MiniPlayer Update. See the full album on the fly:

Album View


4) Here’s a minor change we just caught in the progress bar of the main window:


Check out iTunes 10.0.3

iTunes 10-0-3

Now iTunes 10.0.2

iTunes 10-0-2


What’s Next?

iTunes has undergone so many changes over the years that it’s almost a completely different application. What’s even more interesting is that many of the changes were small and incremental, and some may have gone relatively unnoticed. It’s when you take a closer look or you look back at the iTunes you were using 10 years ago that you realize how much has changed.

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