iWatch: This Concept Looks Plausible


Apple’s rumored iWatch is probably far into development. Still, that may not be any indication of when we will see it. Remember Apple started working on the iPad long before the iPhone was even an idea, and the tablet gave Jobs the idea for the handset. In other words, we may not even see it this year. Heck, we may not see such a device at all if Apple’s top folks aren’t impressed with it.

It looks like a small, curved iPhone in this little mock-up. It’s made of curved glass and the strap is leather. It syncs with the iPhone in such a way that makes it display messages or directions in Maps and more.

Of course this is just an idea of how it should function. Nobody knows whether it will be anything like this, or if it’s even real. Regardless, it looks cool.

Here are some iWatch Rumors and concepts.

[via iPhoneinCanada]

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