Managing the iPhone’s Cloud Storage

Storage space can be a unique problem on many of the iOS devices, especially since the content on many people’s devices has become so critical.

Precious contacts, emails, text messages, and media can make a loss to the storage capacity a major blow.   This is why iCloud has become an important feature, which will allow this precious content to be saved remotely in case something happens to your iDevice.  Here is a quick way to manage your iOS storage space and to try and manage what is available in conjunction with your iCloud account.

If you are trying to look at the storage space on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, start by going into the Settings.  Go into General and then select Usage, towards the top of the available General Settings.  Here you will see general information about your device, such as how much space there is and how much is available.  Right below Available you can hit the option that says Manage Storage in the iCloud section.  This will load a screen that will show how much you have saved as a back up on your iCloud account.

If you then select your device from the list you will be taken to an Info screen that will show what your last backup was and how large it was.  There will also be an option to Delete Backup if you want to clear out what was saved on iCloud and start over.

Back in the Manage Storage screen there is a button to Change Storage Plan.  When this is selected you will actually be taken to a purchase screen to select new iCloud options.  By default, users are assigned to the free iCloud account option given to you by Apple.  With the free iCloud account you are able to backup five GB of storage from your device and to share commonly with your iCloud account.  The different premium iCloud accounts will simply give you more available space for a price.  This will give you the options for 15 GB for $20, 25 Gb for $40, and 55 GB for $100.  These options are up to you, but for most people the free iCloud account is going to be enough to backup an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for its most important elements.


This Manage Storage feature is simply a way to quickly monitor things.  Back in Usage you will be able to see exactly how much content you actually have on your device, how much space each individual item is taking, and what it is.  In the About section, which is above Usage in the General Settings area, you will be able to get some clear numbers about your device such as its capacity and serial number.

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