More Concepts Incoming: iPhone Mini on iOS 7

iPhone mini_concept_1

Apple is said to be working on a cheaper iPhone. We hear it has a plastic back, and that it will have the same screen as the iPhone 5. If that’s correct, it eliminates the possibility of an iPhone mini.

However, we don’t know. It may be a mini iPhone. It may be full-sized. Heck, it may not even be real. Even if it is, Apple may can the idea. We’re sure the Cupertino company will announce any such thing this fall.

iPhone mini_concept_2

Then there is iOS 7. The design is headed up by Jony Ive, who is also the main guy behind Apple’s hardware design. It’s rumored to be flatter and less glossy. It should be cool to see what changes his team makes to the interface.

The hardware is designed by Martin Hajek from the Netherlands, while the iOS 7 concept is Dámaso Benítez’s.

You can also see some other iOS 7 concepts here:


Flatter, cleaner, but familiar

Hard edges, and flatter

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