Nobody Knows What the Heck Apple’s Next iPad Mini Will Be

iPad mini hand

In case it wasn’t already apparent, recent reports keep reminding us of one simple fact: We don’t know what the next iPad mini will be like.

According to website CNET, analyst Richard Shim says that Apple will refresh the iPad mini twice in the next next few quarters. One will come Q3 of this year, it won’t be a Retina device. The next will come Q1, and it will have a Retina display. It’s not clear where the information comes from, but it’s odd that Apple would just release a mini then update it right away with little reason. The iPad 4 seemed like a combination of factors: Apple wanted to put a Lightning connector on it, and push it to the fall release lineup. Furthermore, it came at a time when it could launch alongside all of Apple’s other iOS devices and a bunch of new hardware (remember, Apple announced new Mac hardware, too).

Regardless, the point still stands: We don’t know what Apple is planning. We could be wrong. They could be wrong. We could all be wrong. Apple isn’t going to tell us until this fall.

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