Report: App With Embedded Trojan Hits App Store

Simply Find it

It’s not entirely clear if this is anything intentionally malicious, but according to website MacWorld, an App on Apple’s App Store has an embedded trojan. That said, the report says “it’s probably present unintentionally.”

Regardless, the website says that it is a bit concerning that the app made it through Apple’s approval process for the App Store. The application is called Simply Find It. However, when run through the Bitdefender Virus Scanner, it will let you know that the app contains s trojan.

Embedded within the trojan is some iframe src=”, which according to MacWorld can take you to a website that could then carry out malicious tasks.

That said, Rich Mogull, a security expert, says that the app is likely harmless. Apple’s testing is probably more effective than any virus scanner. Regardless, it’s just something to note about the app. Since they can’t verify what that is, it’s difficult to say.



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