Rumor: iPad 5 Going into Trial Production?

new ipad rumor

iPad mock-up, a supposed design for the next iPad

We don’t give much credibility to Digitimes rumors, so go into it with that in mind. Still, we can say that several iPad 5 rumors have already circulated, and this is just part of the noise coming in.

We won’t even get into Digitimes’ sources, because it’s always the same “sources within Taiwan’s supply chain.” However, the important stuff is that it will have the same resolution display as the current Retina iPads. However, it supposedly uses a thinner glass substrate. The bezel is narrower than the previous model. It should look something like the iPad mini, only slightly larger. It’s reportedly about 25 to 33 percent lighter than previous models.

Overall there is really nothing new or enlightening coming from Digitimes. It’s a rehash of the stuff we’ve heard before. Still, it’s interesting to gauge interest in the next iPad through all these rumors and supposed leaks.

[via MacDailyNews]

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