Rumor: iPhone 5S Getting Sapphire Crystal Capacitive Home Button?

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Okay. The consensus is mixed on this one back at iSmashPhone. Some of us don’t see it happening in time for the iPhone 5S. Some of us think it can happen this year.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors claiming that the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint sensor. That’s not yet confirmed, but it won’t be until Apple announces the new handset. According to website CultofMac, which cites chain supply sources in Taiwan, Apple won’t use the Home Button in the sense that we’re used to.

The camera lens of the iPhone 5 is actually made of sapphire crystal. This may be what we see in the upcoming iPhone if the rumor is accurate. This would make for an iPhone with a touch-sensitive Home Button that reads your fingerprints, which eliminates the need for a passcode. This may also mean no weird lockscreen bugs that allow for people to bypass it.

Let’s see if it really happens.


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