Velox Jailbreak App Makes App Use From Home Screen Possible



(Image Credit: CultofMac)

There are lots of apps out there. There are also lots of jailbreak apps. They range from useful to silly. Velox adds a feature that could actually be pretty cool if used with the right apps. It enables you to use applications from the Home Screen. For instance, if you want to check your missed, simply hit the icon for your phone app, and the screen shows your missed calls list rather than launching the phone app separately.

The same goes for your camera app.  You can hit the icon and it will instantly launch the camera from within your Home Screen. Good if you need a quick shot. The same goes for Weather and Music and more. Just tap the icon and the screen splits to reveal app functionality.

I’ve always liked the idea of a quick Music control similar to what the lock screen offers (Tip: Hit the Home Button twice while the iPhone is locked for quick iPod controls.)

Some of these jailbreak apps as well as App Store apps seem to make their way (occasionally) to Apple features. We’ve seen some multitask Jailbreak apps that handle things very smoothly and could be an upgrade from the current multitask dock if implemented correctly.

You can pick it up for $2 on Cydia.

[via CultofMac]




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