What is the Late Night Equalizer?


The Music section of the iPhone or other iDevices remains its foundation.

It is here the device operates like a more traditional iPod, acting as a vessel for audio playback of different music files.  There EQ, or equalizer, sets the balance for how that music is played.  You can set different EQ options for different types of music or different situations for listening to that music.  A new EQ has been added to Music with the iOS 6 called Late Night.  Here is a look at how to set the Late Night equalizer on the iPhone and what it does.

Compression is a process where usually a piece of media is reduced in size and then made more palatable for different distribution sources.  In video this can mean actually taking information out of it, but in audio the process is different.  Here is shrinks the dynamic range where the highs and lows are restricted.  This is the foundation of the Late Nigh Equalizer in the Music section, but here it is for the benefit of the listener rather than to shrink the size of the file.  What it does is limits the loudness of the music in playback while maintaining a general volume, which is perfect for relaxing or going to sleep.

If you want to set the Late Night EQ you start by going to Settings and then selecting Music, which is in the fifth block of options directly below iTunes App Store.  Here are a number of different options for how Music functions, including the volume limit and if there will be Lyrics and Podcast Info available.  Go to EQ, which will be set to Off as a default if you have not set one yet.  Here are a number of different EQ options including Ambient, Deep, Flat, Bass Reducer, and, now, Late Night.  Just go ahead and choose Late Night and it will be set as your EQ and the music playback will be adjusted accordingly.

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