Apple Offering iPhone 5 Display Replacements: At a Hefty Price

iPhone 5_white_black

Don’t drop your iPhone 5. Really. Don’t. It costs $149 to replace the screen. The good news is that Apple is now offering replacements.

The $149, according to reports we read is about the equivalent of a repair under AppleCare+, which is $99 initially, and $49 to replace the part (since screen cracks are most often, if not always, due to user mishandling such as drops, etc.) There have also been repair services that offer the replacement for $174, and have since lowered their prices to $139. It’s also nice that screens can be replaced by Apple now. According to, breaking a screen previously meant a replacement iPhone for $229. Ouch.

Well, good to know that you can now go to an Apple Store and have your screen replaced rather quickly.


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